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DO NOT BE FOOLED by misleading "voter guides," deceptive television ads, mailers, and robocalls! There is ONLY ONE Official Republican Voter Guide, vetted and compiled by local, duly elected Republican Party members - and THIS IS IT!

Note: "No Endorsement" means there is either no credible Republican running or there are multiple Republicans running and committee members didn't reach a consensus on whom to endorse.


Republican Presidential Nominee

No endorsement

Republican Central Committees

No endorsements. This is the ruling body of the Republican Party of San Diego County. We do not influence our own elections.

US Senate

No endorsement

US Senate (Partial Term)

No endorsement

US House of Representatives

48th District: Darrell Issa

49th District: No endorsement

50th District: No endorsement
51st District: Bill Wells

52nd District: No endorsement

CA State Senate

39th District: No endorsement

CA State Assembly

74th District: Laurie Davies 

75th District: Andrew Hayes

76th District: Kristie Bruce-Lane

77th District: No endorsement

78th District: No endorsement

79th District: No endorsement

80th District: Mike Williams

San Diego County

Superior Court Judge

Seat No. 19: No Endorsement

Seat No. 38: No Endorsement

Seat No. 41: Brian Erickson

Seat No. 43: Valerie Summers

City of San Diego

Mayor: No endorsement

City Attorney: No Endorsement

City Council, District 3: Ellis T. California Jones III

City Council, District 4: No Endorsement

City Council, District 7: No Endorsement

City Council, District 9: No Endorsement

City of Chula Vista

City Attorney: No Endorsement

City Council, District 3: Daniel D. Rice-Vazquez

City Council, District 4: No Endorsement

School Boards

County Board of Education

4th District: No Endorsement

Grossmont- Cuyamaca Community College District

Trustee Area 4: Lee Quinn

San Diego Community College District

Trustee Area D: No Endorsement

San Diego Unified School District

Trustee Area A: Crystal Trull

Escondido Union High School District

Trustee Area 5: David Vincent

Propositions/ Measures

Proposition 1: Opposed

Measure A: Neutral

Measure B: Opposed

Measure C: Opposed

2024 Presidential General Election (November 2024)

San Diego County

San Diego County Supervisor

District 1: Alejandro Galicia

District 2: Joel Anderson

District 3: Kevin Faulconer


City of El Cajon

City Council, District 2: Michelle Metschel

City Council, District 3: Steve Goble

City Council, District 4: Phil Ortiz

City of Escondido

City Council, District 3: Christian Garcia

City of Oceanside

Mayor: Ryan Keim

City Council, District 4: Peter Weiss

City of Poway

City Council, District 4: Caylin Frank

City of San Marcos

City Council, District 4: Ed Musgrove

City of Santee

City Council, District 3: Laura Koval

City Council, District 4: Dustin Trotter


City of Vista

City Council, District 3: Denisse Barragan

Healthcare Districts

Grossmont Healthcare District

Area 1: Virginia Hall

Area 3: Michael Emerson

Area 5: Bob Ayres

Updated: 2/15/2024

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