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Central Committee of The Republican Party of San Diego County

The Central Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party of San Diego County. The committee takes charge of choosing a Chairman, deciding on endorsements, and plotting a course for victory for Republican Party endorsed candidates each and every election cycle.

The Committee is comprised of 42 regular members (seen in bold below), with 6 elected from each Assembly District within San Diego County, alongside 5 Ex-Officio members (seen in italics below),  who are elected Republicans to the State Senate, State Assembly, and U.S. Congress, and 2 At Large Members. Each member has an ability to appoint an alternate member to take their place in an absence.

71st Assembly District

Supervisor Joel Anderson
Frank Hilliker
Jim Kelly
Councilman Dustin Trotter

(1st Vice Chair/ Caucus Chair)
Mark Bryan

​Dan Bickford
Senator Brian Jones

Senator Kelly Seyarto

75th Assembly District

Regina Roberts (Caucus Chair)
Kimberly Mead

Matthew Stockton
Alana Sorensen
Lee De Meo
Randy Berholtz
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron
​Congressman Darrell Issa

76th Assembly District

Melanie Burkholder
Judy Rees
Donna Cleary
(Caucus Chair)
Patti Siegmann
John Buell 

Duane Siegmann

77th Assembly District

Christopher Pikus
Tony Krvaric
T.J. Zane 
Councilman B
rian Pepin 
(Caucus Chair)
​Andrew Skale (2nd Vice Chair)
Claude Livengood

78th Assembly District

Mayor Richard Bailey
Elizabeth Spillane
(Treasurer/ Caucus Chair)
Bradley Gerbel 
Matthew Phy
Kaylie Sadlon
Jean Roesch

79th Assembly District

Mayor John McCann
Tamara Rodriguez 
​John Hoy
John Moore
George Williams
Patricia O'Mara
(Caucus Chair)

80th Assembly District

Craig Candelore 
William "Bud" McLeroy

Paula Whitsell (Chairwoman)
Ryan Keyes
Rachel Perez

Cheryl Perez (Caucus Chair)

At Large Members

Scott Sherman (79th AD)

Corey Gustafson (75th AD)

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